The Cardinals organization has undergone a noti

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The Cardinals organization has undergone a noti

Postby panxing18 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 2:16 am

ceable shift in the past week or so. The question is whether and to what extent it was intentional.The team that earned the first pick in the 2019 draft has gone from telling anyone who will listen that Josh Rosen remains the quarterback to equivocating on the question of whether the guy who openly aspires to be “that guy” is still their guy. The most conspicuous statement came from G.M. Steve Keim Youth Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , who channeled Tom Coughlin talking Blake Bortles when telling reporters that Rosen is the team’s quarterback “right now.”The Cardinals’ website has now gotten in on the act, with this article: “Cardinals Facing Kyler Murray Conundrum.” The article explores whether the team’s consideration of Murray is a ruse or the real thing, with only the future of last year’s 10th overall pick hanging in the balance.It’s a fair question to ask, but it’s an awkward topic for the team to raise on its own. But the team has indeed raised it.Surely Stitched Budda Baker Jersey , the team has spoken to Rosen about the situation. The question is whether they’re telling him “we’re evaluating all incoming players and could take Murray with the first pick” or “don’t worry, we’re trying to get someone to trade up for Murray.” Whatever the explanation, the Cardinals won’t be able to erase the fact that, for two months Youth Budda Baker Jersey , they came off as lukewarm about their supposed franchise quarterback. And that could leave a mark within the locker room.It also could leave a mark on Rosen. As Chris Simms explained it on , if Rosen isn’t able to deal with the possibility that the Cardinals will draft Murray, Rosen may not be able to deal with the full scope of issues that NFL quarterbacks confront.Recently, Rosen addressed the noise by pointing out on Twitter that he didn’t deliberately delete all Cardinals photos from his Instagram account. The fact that he feels compelled to address the topic at all could be evidence that he has not applied the kind of earmuffs and blinders necessary to get through a period of inner and outer turmoil.Rosen can now thank the Cardinals for adding to the turmoil with an article that don’t simply touch the Kyler Murray third rail but does a cartwheel on it. Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury recently explained that he see plenty of advantages and no disadvantages to using shotgun formation almost exclusively (if not exclusively) with rookie Kyler Murray at quarterback. But there are disadvantages to not lining up under center.Earlier this week Stitched Haason Reddick Jersey , Simms and I discussed the situation, pointing out the ways that never using the traditional quarterback-center exchange could lead to problems.I could list them all here, or you could watch the video from PFTOT, the post- collection of topics that we don’t have time to address during the two Horus of radio and TV. Which is a roundabout way of trying to get you to watch the video.Because we’re ultimately in this business to generate enough revenue to support it. Because it costs you nothing to sit through a brief commercial (if you even get a commercial before the video plays) in order to get some information that will give you greater understanding of how football works at its highest level.
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