Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Version 1809 Build 17763.615

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Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Version 1809 Build 17763.615

Postby apple2000 » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:20 pm

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Version 1809 Build 17763.615 (x86-x64) OEM July 2019


Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 Version 1809 Build 17763.615 (x86-x64) OEM July 2019
OS: x86 / x64 | Language: Russian / English | File Size: 4.25 GB

The assembly includes 2 Russian and 2 English editions of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x86 and x64 in one image. Installed the latest updates on July 2019. Spyware, auto-update and Windows Defender are disabled, classic Start and gadgets are returned. Read more about the build below.

Additional Information:
� This assembly is the successor of the assembly of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC OptimaMod (Feb`19) RUS-ENG x86-x64;
� There is nothing essentially new in comparison with the previous version;
� For the most part, this is a firmware update, and some polishing of secondary settings .;
?? ???? The basis for the assembly is still the minimally loaded with any rubbish edition of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC;
� Plus, I additionally had a hand in optimizing the final product;
� Unlocked installation of third-party themes, optimized OS interface and so on;
� At the same time, nothing is cut out of the system;
� The settings I made can be easily rebuilt to your liking or even return the system to its original state before all edits;
� In general, try, customize, use

Editions Included:
� Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x64
� Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x64
� Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x86
� Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC x86 English

Installer modification:
� The build is based on Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC distributions, published on MSDN on March 15, 2019.
� At the earliest stage of the installation, there is a pre-boot menu in which you can select the width of the primary shell, that is, which installer will be used, 32-bit or 64-bit. Because of this, you do not have to worry that the 64-bit version of the OS may not get on the RAID, and that its users may end up without system recovery.
� The \ sources \ sxs folder has been removed from the installation media because the packages located in it are preinstalled in the OS.
� The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) 10 module is integrated into the system recovery service launched from the installation media, which significantly expands the possibilities for system resuscitation.
� Fixed a feature of the Windows Installer 10, because of which in the multilingual assembly, when running the installation from under an existing system, there was no choice of language for the installer interface. In this assembly, a similar choice is provided.
� The system is installed immediately with Russian and English language packs. The choice of language during installation only affects which of the languages will be the main one. So after the installation is completed, you can easily change the interface language with standard OS tools without downloading additional files.
� Due to the fact that the assembly is a combined x86-x64 distribution, and even having more than one language on board, a number of standard system installation options for this assembly is not available. The following installation options are available: from the installation media from the boot device in Legacy BIOS mode for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS; from installation media as from a boot device in EFI / UEFI mode only for a 64-bit OS; from under the already existing system in the format of the Custom installation in BIOS Legacy mode for both 32-bit and 64-bit OS. For the latter, in order to initiate an installation from under a 64-bit OS, you need to start it not through setup.exe in the root of the distribution media, but through setup.exe, which is located in the sources folder of the distribution. Autorun installation media? when starting from under the existing OS, select the desired type of start itself.
� The system is pre-activated with the Ratiborus W10 Digital Activation Program + KMS38 version 1.3.7 activator. The body of the activator at the end of the activation is removed from the computer.
� Made minor improvements to the installer interface, correcting the flaws of Microsoft programmers.

Integrated applications:
� Installed updates KB4465065-v3, KB4503308, KB4506998 and KB4507469, updating the OS version as of the release date of the assembly.
� Installed package. NET Framework 3.5.
� Installed package DirectX 9.0c.
� Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005-2008-2010-2012-2013-2019 Redistributable Package Hybrid is installed (installs Microsoft Visual C ++ 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2019 Redistributable Package of the latest versions. To avoid duplicate installation of various applications of earlier versions to redirect programs that need these library packages to the latest versions, the installation of obsolete versions is blocked by stubs).
� Installed application StartIsBack ++ 2.8.6 (adds the classic Start menu).
� The 8GadgetPack 29.0 application is installed, (adds the ability to use desktop gadgets).
� Installed the application UltraUXThemePatcher 3.6.1, (adds the ability to install third-party themes for Windows).
� Added an application O & O ShutUp10 1.6.1402, (adds the ability to switch the hidden settings of Windows 10. The label "O & O ShutUp10" is available in the "Start" menu).
� Integrated libraries required for decoding Dolby Digital (AC-3) files.
� The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) 10 module is integrated into the system recovery service built into the system itself, which significantly expands the possibilities for system resuscitation.

Additional tweaks involved:
� The background of the window titles has been changed. The active window is blue, the inactive is pale blue.
� Vertical scroll bars, which were opened only by moving the cursor, are now constantly wide.
� When you launch Explorer, this computer opens,
� In the "This Computer" menu in the Explorer are hidden: Video, Documents, Downloads, Images, Music, Volume objects, Desktop.
� In the menu and in the panel "Quick Access" in Explorer, the display of frequently used folders is blocked.
� The "Open command window" item has been added to the context menu of folders and drives (with the Shift key pressed).
� "Copy to folder ..." and "Move to folder ..." items have been added to the context menu of files and folders.
� In the context menu "This computer" added item "Device Manager".
� In the context menu "Start" added item "Control Panel".
� In the Start menu, the Powershell item is replaced with the Command line.

� The day of the week has been added to the system date displayed, including on the Taskbar.
� On the Taskbar added shortcuts on Internet Explorer, Explorer and Windows Media Player.
� In Internet Explorer 11, the call to the first launch window is disabled.
� In Internet Explorer 11, the Smart Screen service is disabled.
� Added the ability to select the "Photo Viewer" for viewing pictures.
� The Insecure Guest Inputs option is enabled for the SMB 2.0 protocol, which allows the exchange of data over a local network with a NAS and other peripherals.
� Fixed the anti-virus fix Meltdown and Specter (KB4056892).
� Notifications of the Security Center are disabled.
� On the system installed in the Legacy BIOS mode, the functionality of the boot menu was restored by pressing the F8 key. The boot menu for F8 is displayed in text mode.
� In the boot menu on F8, the item "Last Known Good Configuration" was restored.

* Create bootable USB (highly recommended) with Rufus,
* (attached) or burn to DVD-R at slow speed.

Original Source ISO:
File: ru-en_win10_ent_ltsc_optimamod_x86-x64_activated_v2.iso
the CRC32: D0C3CD19
the MD4: 4D8DCF2C947E6DCE0CBD0D91E9B7A3FF
the MD5: EA4427081D8AD78078B4C328F2854C26
the SHA-1: 674A0B7B7AAD62C4352A57B7927A68F0533DBD95

System Requirements:
� Processor at least 1 GHz or SoC
� 1 GB of RAM (for 32-bit systems) or 2 GB of RAM (for 64-bit systems)
� 16 GB (for 32-bit systems) or 20 GB (for 64-bit systems) bit systems)
� Video card with support for DirectX 9 or higher and 1.0 driver, a WDDM
� Display with a resolution of 800x600 pixels

What's New
* Servicing Stack Update:
* CumulativeUpdate:
* KB4506998
*Intel microcode updates:
* .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8:
* KB4502564
* Flash Player Security Update:
* KB4503308



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